1:1 Coaching


One-to-One Coaching

Build Your 6-Figure Business

Maybe you’ve read the statistics.

of new businesses fail
in the first two years

of new businesses fail
in the first five years

of new businesses fail
in the first 10 years

You won’t want to risk being in those statistics.

Marie is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs
to avoid the pitfalls she has experienced – and from
which she narrowly escaped.

Marie is a results-focused coach.
That means she’ll help you become aware of your
current gaps
and achieve the gains you’re looking for.

Though one-to-one coaching, Marie will help you to:

Use a roadmap to reach
a great North Star –
your dream business

Adopt proven methods and
processes to see your ROI

Get feedback for your ideas,
aspirations, and next steps


What will a coach do for me that I can’t do for myself? Such a great question! For sure, a few people are born entrepreneurs. But as the statistics show, most entrepreneurs don’t have what it takes to survive, much less thrive, in their business. Coaching can help you to use proven processes, use structure for better decision-making and get feedback so you can move faster, and further! I’m not sure I need a 1:1 coach. Does coaching really work? Studies have shown that results-focused coaches can help entrepreneurs and other leaders to achieve several better results, most notably their return on investment, but other factors, too, such as increased focus, confidence, and productivity. How will I know if this is a good fit? I still have questions. What can I do? Send an email to info@coachmariebiancuzzo.com and we’ll do our best to help you.