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Grow Your
Business With Ease

through Community, Courses, and Coaching.

Build A Sustainable

Escape The
Daily Grind

Leave Behind A
Meaningful Legacy

You’ve achieved a successful healthcare
career. So why is growing your own business so hard?

Are You...
  • burned out from doing all the things because
    you don’t know what to prioritize?
  • watching money go out as fast as it comes in?
  • hoping your product or service will magically
    sell itself because marketing gives you a headache?

You went to school for healthcare, not business.

So, give yourself a break – and don’t worry.
You don’t have to figure this out alone.

Hi! I’m Marie. Your mentor and coach.


For decades, I struggled to fit my square peg into the round hole of traditional healthcare. It was a long, hard road. Most days, I felt like a fish out of water. But I kept going… until I saw the glass ceilings break.

When I struck out on my own, I thought being my own boss would give me more time, less stress, and fast cash. Haha! Nope! Like anything worthwhile, building a business takes time.

So, again, I put in the work and saw a lot of success. I also made a lot of mistakes, chased a lot of squirrels, and ran into a lot of dead ends. Learn from my mistakes! Let me help you avoid the pitfalls I fell into.

A sustainable business is within your reach. You can make a great impact on the world of healthcare and leave a meaningful legacy for your family. I can help


Growing Your Business Is Easy!


Supportive Community

Surround yourself with a supportive community of other solopreneurs.


Interactive Courses

24/7 Access to live, online courses, webinars, and group workshops that will grow your impact–and your bottom line.

  • Simple, proven frameworks
  • Easy to use tools
  • Library full of resources
    to set you up for success


Impactful Coaching

1:1 and Group Coaching will propel you forward, faster than you could ever go alone.

  • Defined Priorities
  • Measurable Progress
  • Increased Profit
  • Clear messaging

Here's How it Works

Choosing to work with a coach is a big step. Let’s begin with a non-committal, FREE, 15-minute call to explore what working together could look like.

2. Work The Plan and Watch The Plan Work

First, we’ll identify what’s holding you back from the life and business you’re striving for. Then, we’ll create a simple, customized plan to move you forward. With regular coaching and accountability, you’ll be more productive and profitable in no time.

3. Grow Your Business.Leave a Meaningful Legacy

Take The First Step

Start the

Working together is simple, and there’s a solution for exactly what you need right now! Let’s connect to see if we’re a good fit. No strings attached!

I wish I would have had Marie’s process 6 years ago. If I would have had these frameworks it would have saved me time, frustration and confusion.
Karrie Burns,
Albany NY
I saw only a wall, but Marie showed me the door to creating a better life for myself and a way to make a bigger impact on the healthcare world. My confidence skyrocketed after she helped me gain clarity and focus.
Dr. Andrew Dorough,
O’Fallon MO
[Marie] gave me several ideas… I was able to begin applying what I learned right away.
Glen Stevens,
Fargo ND

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Don’t let your business die before you do.

Stop struggling alone. Take the first step.
A sustainable, legacy business is closer than you think.

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